Dimitri de Perrot

By and with Zimmermann & de Perrot

A society’s discards – useless husks of its lifestyle – a leftover cardboard carton: from this, the choreographer and the musician begin to construct a fragile entity that ends up being their own stage set. A vibrant, self-sustaining construction takes shape, which they lovingly, trustingly allow to grow. With a flick of the wrist, a cut, a fold, a bend and a break, the space takes shape for a theatre, a stage, a home where they find identity and meaning. The cardboard is light, pliable, manageable, insulating. But it has the instability of a temporary arrangement. This fragility resembles that of human existence.

A sort of nesting boxes of events ensues when Martin Zimmermann and Dimitri de Perrot construct their new existence, as Zimmermann promotes himself and becomes a modern attraction: human being as marionette, curio, illusionist or as Man dressed up as Man. A carousel, a stage, a dance floor – resembling a huge turntable. The musician cranks it up, it becomes the display apparatus, and the characters themselves can no longer recognize the border between voluntary and involuntary exposure.

Attempting to conform to modern life, Zimmermann’s character teeters on the edge of frustration and melancholy, only to turn himself, within the same turn, into a laughter-filled, poetic parody of being human, as his Self, going around and around like the needle on a turntable, edges ever closer. The musician Dimitri de Perrot plays the environment. But the music also creates the dreamworld, the secret inner world of the „other me“ of Zimmermann’s split character, and develops into a character itself – the music character – that intervenes, disturbs, reacts, caresses and comforts. Gaff Aff is a carousel of life, a poetic, contemporary orchestration of music, circus, fine arts and choreography, where the music character, the movement character and the dynamic scenography enter into an intensive interaction.

Dimitri de Perrot was co-founder and co-director of the artist collective MZdP (Metzger/Zimmermann/de Perrot, 1998-2005) and the Swiss directing duo Zimmermann & de Perrot (2006-2017). They invented a unique and world wide acclaimed form of physical theater mixing music, visual arts, dance, clownerie and modern circus. From these collaborations emerged two internationally active production offices. With their productions he performed life on stage for almost two decades.

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Zimmermann & de Perrot
Trio MZdP (Metzger/Zimmermann/dePerrot)

Main creations
Hans was Heiri
Chouf Ouchouf – mit der Groupe Acrobatique de Tanger
Öper Öpis
Gaff Aff

Concept, direction, stage design and interpretation: Zimmermann & de Perrot
Composition: Dimitri de Perrot
Choreography: Martin Zimmermann
Light design: Ursula Degen
Sound, electronics: Andy Neresheimer
Light direction: Sammy Marchina / Jérôme Bueche / Ursula Degen
Sound direction: Felix Lämmli / Franck Bourgoin / Andy Neresheimer
Construction Decor: Pius Aellig /Jean-Marc Gaillard
Packaging research: Claude Gloor
Artistic collaboration: Aurélien Bory / Arnaud Clavet / Goury / Aline Muheim
Dramaturgy collaboration: Jlien Dütschler
Technical director: Ursula Degen
Administration and distribution: Alain Vuignier
International producer:Claire Béjanin
Artistic direction: Dimitri de Perrot / Martin Zimmermann
Photographie: Mario del Curto

Production: Verein Zimmermann & de Perrot
Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne • Le Merlan, Scène nationale à Marseille • Theater Chur • Théâtre associé: PiuFestival – Brescia

With the support of: Migros Culture Percentage • Sophie und Karl Binding Foundation • Ernst Göhner Foundation • SSA – swiss society of authors

Final rehearsals at Théâtre de Vidy-Lausanne
Premier: 23 October 2006

Zimmermann & de Perrot are supported by a cooperative funding agreement with the Culture Department City of Zurich, Department of Culture Canton Zurich and Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council.Since 2006 Zimmermann & de Perrot have enjoyed the support of Foundation BNP Paribas for development of their projects.

All photos © Mario Del Curto

MYOUSIC with Julian Sartorius
Photo © Augustin Rebetez

Photo © Adrian Huber

Concerts & DJ Sets
Photo © Unknown

KLIRR @ Klang Moor Schopf
Photo © DdePerrot

MYOUSIC - Recording Sessions
Photo © Peter Tillessen

MYOUSIC with Julian Sartorius
Photo © Augustin Rebetez

Photo © Mario Del Curto

Photo © Mario Del Curto

Photo © Mario Del Curto

Photo © Mario Del Curto

Photo © Mario Del Curto

Photo © Mario Del Curto

Photo © Mario Del Curto

MYOUSIC with Julian Sartorius
Photo © Augustin Rebetez